Thursday, November 18, 2021

Sheffield United vs Coventry City

Sheffield United is clearly more appreciated than Coventry City in the next reception. But the promise of a not-so-easy match awaits them.

After relegation, Sheffield United showed a very disappointed face. After 17 rounds, they only won 19 points and are ranked 18th on the rankings. Not only competing for promotion tickets, but now Sheffield United also have to worry about the relegation battle.

In the last round, Sheffield United had to receive a crushing defeat on the pitch of Blackburn Rovers. This is their third game in a row without a win. Notably, after quite good matches at home, recently Sheffield United players suddenly dropped in performance when they had to receive 2 consecutive defeats recently. It is worth mentioning that these two opponents are not appreciated. Obviously, their current form is very bad.

Coventry City is in the top 4 strongest teams on the rankings with 30 points won after 17 rounds. In fact, they show an impressive face at home, but away from home, they really have problems when they appear to be quite incompetent. Coventry City players need to improve this problem if they want to compete for promotion tickets.

Despite having to play without people very early, Coventry still excelled in coming back to defeat Bristol City in the last round. This result partly shows that they are a capable team. Although away from home often have to accept defeat, but Coventry players have just won a victory against Hull City. Surely this achievement will help them gain a certain confidence in the trip to the field of the falling team Sheffield United coming here.

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