Here you can find out everything about the date, place and broadcast on TV and livestream of the fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

Influencer Jake Paul takes on former MMA fighter Tyron Woodley in his fourth professional fight. For the former UFC champion Woodley, it is the first professional fight.

All information about the fight influencer vs. former UFC champ such as date, place, date and broadcast on TV and livestream can be found here.

Jake Paul will take on Tyron Woodley on the night of Sunday August 29th to Monday August 30th. The fight is scheduled to take place at about 2 a.m. German time at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse arena in Cleveland, Ohio. There is a maximum of eight rounds to be completed if there is no knockout or the fight is interrupted in any other way.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: How does the broadcast work on TV and livestream?

Unfortunately, there will be no broadcast in Germany - neither on free nor on pay TV. Nonetheless, you can track Paul versus Woodley elsewhere. The fight will namely transmitted. is a digital streaming provider that offers tons of martial arts events. More precisely, these are primarily the sports of boxing, MMA and wrestling.

You have to purchase the fight between Paul and Woodley via pay-per-view. So that means that you have to buy the individual fight. You don't have to subscribe to anything, just pay once. The price for the Pay-Per-View package costs 19.99 US dollars, which is the equivalent of around 17.1 euros.

Both fighters will not only get into the ring for fame and honor, but will also earn a lot from the fight.

"He's going to be paid very well," Woodley's manager Malki Kawa told . "It's one of the best deals I've got. Especially for someone in his situation. He's going to get a huge guarantee. He's got a share in the global PPV and will be a part of a lot of things. He should go out with millions of dollars." "

It will be even more lucrative for Woodley if he wins the fight. Then a clause takes effect that his opponent Jake Paul had written into the contract.

"Jake Paul's team has an automatic rematch clause written into the contract. They're so scared of this fight. If we win and Jake Paul wants, we have to do it again with him," Kawa continued. "Then a rematch, even more money and after two wins he decides to hang up his gloves?"