Arsenal started December in an unexpected way with two consecutive defeats to Man United and Everton. However, Arteta's army stood up strongly to have 3 consecutive victories against Southampton, West Ham and Leeds United.

Arsenal is on a 3 win streak in the Premier League
The 9 points obtained help Arsenal move up strongly in the rankings. The London team not only took 4th place from West Ham, but also created a 4 point gap compared to the chasing group. Although Arsenal have played more games, the distance they have created also puts some pressure on the opponents behind. 

Many people think that Arsenal will have problems when captain Aubameyang is exiled because of the recent disciplinary scandal. However, Arsenal have scored 9 goals in the last 3 matches. It was a bold statement about the offensive power of the “Gunners”.

Temporarily closing the dream period in the Premier League, Arsenal will come to the English League Cup arena, where they have reached the quarter-finals. The draw continues to give Arsenal a comfortable opponent in this round, Sunderland. Before that, Arsenal went ahead simply when defeating lower-tier teams West Brom and Wimbledon before defeating Leeds in the latest round. 

In total, Arsenal have a record of scoring 11 goals without conceding in the League Cup. Not to mention coach Arteta did not use the strongest squad in all 3 matches played. The same thing will probably repeat against Sunderland when Arsenal have important matches against Norwich, Wolves and Man City in the last week of the year. There have been warning signs of possible damage to Arsenal's squad as Tomiyasu was overwhelmed and had to leave the field early against Leeds over the weekend.

However, the victory over Sunderland is also important for Arsenal to boost their morale before the Christmas acceleration period. League Cup is an arena that Arsenal have not won since 1993. They have only won the League Cup twice in history. With the lucky draws this season, plus the fact that Man City has been eliminated, it is clear that the chance for Arsenal to be crowned is not small.

Sunderland is also a lucky team to avoid the big boys in the Premier League until they meet Arsenal. However, "Black Cat" also had to work very hard to be in the round for the 8 strongest teams.

Sunderland is ranked 3rd in the English 3rd division
Sunderland beat Port Vale, Blackpool and Wigan in their quest to reach the quarter-finals of this year's tournament. In the latest round, they held QPR with a score of 0-0 and won tickets to continue after the penalty shootout. 

However, the fate of Sunderland in other cup competitions was not so lucky. They had to receive consecutive defeats at the EFL Trophy and were eliminated in the second round by Oldham Athletic. After that, Sunderland was also eliminated early in the FA Cup by the middle-class team in the English fourth division, Mansfield Town.

Anyway, Sunderland can still confidently face Arsenal when they are in impressive form in the main arena, which is the English 3rd division. Sunderland is ranked 3rd in the rankings and is only 2 points behind the direct promotion. Coach Nathan Broadhead's army is unbeaten in the last 7 matches and has made significant progress in recent times. 

Sunderland has not won at Arsenal's field since 1983. The challenge for "Black Cats" in the next match is clearly huge. However, they will be off until December 27, so they can completely choose to do their best to fight Arsenal. That promises to bring an exciting match at Emirates for the audience.