Few people expect that Tottenham can make Liverpool scratched and peeled as soon as they come back from a period of struggling because of Covid-19. It must also be affirmed that Spurs hide information very well and that is part of what makes the opponents subjective. Son Heung-min, Lucas Moura and Oliver Skipp are players who seem to be absent from Liverpool but can start from the start.

The referee also helped Spurs get a good result against Liverpool. Harry Kane did not receive a red card after a dangerous tackle with Robertson. Meanwhile, Diogo Jota fell inside the box with a clear foul from the Spurs player but Liverpool were not awarded a penalty.

Had they made better use of that support, Spurs should have won. The London team had delicious opportunities missed by Dele Alli and Son Heung-min. Harry Kane scored 1 goal but missed other shots. Not only that, but Tottenham was also able to play more than people in the last 15 minutes of the game but did not earn the final goal.

Anyway, it can still be seen as a positive performance by Tottenham. Coach Conte's army is on the rise and has a good enough squad to create a rush at the Christmas and New Year period. Spurs' opponents are only Palace, Southampton and Watford.

But before that, they will have to play the quarter-finals of the League Cup against West Ham. Spurs' journey in this year's tournament is also not easy when they encounter two Premier League opponents, Wolves and Burnley. With the reserve squad, Spurs were only able to overcome Wolves after the penalty shootout and beat Burnley thanks to Lucas Moura's only goal.

Before the match against West Ham, Spurs had to receive bad news when they were awarded a 0-3 loss to Rennes and were eliminated from the Europa Conference League playground. But it is also an opportunity for Tottenham to put all their energy into the domestic cup competition and claim a trophy.

Spurs have yet to win a trophy since the 2008 League Cup. Currently, the League Cup is also Spurs' best chance to end a 14-year streak without a title. With reaching the quarter-finals, the league championship is only 4 matches away from Tottenham. Strong opponents of course still exist. However, the Carabao Cup arena is sometimes not taken too seriously by the big teams. In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the strength of a team can change very quickly. Therefore, if they reach the semi-finals, Tottenham's chances of being crowned are not small.