English Football PREMIER LEAGUE 2


 In theory, Man City is Aston Villa's worst nightmare in the Premier League. But the appearance of Steven Gerrard suddenly made the situation of this match become unpredictable.

The last time Aston Villa won against Man City was 8 years ago, exactly on September 28, 2013. Since that milestone until now, Aston Villa met the Green Man 11 times and lost to… 10 matches. Even worse when realized, Villa lost to Man City in the last 7 confrontations in all competitions.

In these 7 consecutive defeats, Aston Villa's net was torn 23 times by Man City (average 3.2 goals conceded/match), and scored only 3 goals against the Blue Man net. During this same period, no club won Aston Villa more than Man City and no opponent made the Villa Park team go into the net to pick up the ball as much as the Green Man. 

Even when playing at Villa Park, Aston Villa lost all of their last 4 matches to Man City, including a historic 1-6 defeat on January 12, 2020. It was a match where, right in the first half, Villa was leading 0-4 by Man City and only scored an honorable goal from the penalty spot in the 90th minute. 

Aston Villa's revival will be stopped by giants Man City (right)

Aston Villa's revival will be stopped by giants Man City (right)

Review the confrontation history to see how scary Man City's visit to Villa Park today is for Aston Villa. However, the appearance of Steven Gerrard's "talisman" will more or less make Villa fans a little more confident and will also make Man City significantly less confident.

Gerrard started his relationship with Aston Villa with two consecutive victories. This can be considered a great success for the former Liverpool player if it is known that, before G8 took the coach, Aston Villa had lost five consecutive matches in the Premier League.

Hope shines brighter in the eyes of Aston Villa fans when everyone realizes that Steven Gerrard is very charming with Man City. During his time as a player, Gerrard faced Man City in 26 matches and had 15 times imprinted on goals (6 goals, 9 assists). Of all the clubs in the Premier League, the Green Man is the one Gerrard has contributed to the second most goals (only 16 times less than Arsenal).

Gerrard's win rate against Man City is 46.1%, much higher than Chelsea's (27.5%), Man United (37.1%), and Arsenal (26.4%). This can completely be considered as the spiritual fulcrum of Aston Villa against an opponent that they have lost without looking up for the past 8 years. The opportunity to create a seismic match with Aston Villa will be even clearer when Man City continues to lack conductor Kevin de Bruyne. Some creative factors like Phil Foden or Jack Grealish are not ready to return to the competition in top shape.

Most importantly, the appearance of Steven Gerrard has helped Aston Villa's defense play much better than during Dean Smith's time. According to computer calculations, Villa's expected number of goals conceded has decreased from 1.9 goals per game under Smith to only 0.65 goals per game under Gerrard. This will certainly be a difficult match for Man City. But the hope is that the champion's bravery will still help them win.