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2 draws in the last 3 Premier League matches made Chelsea lose the advantage over Man City and Liverpool in the championship race. The Premier League's terrifying December has begun, placing manager Thomas Tuchel in a challenge he's never experienced before.

Taking over as head coach in January 2021, Thomas Tuchel has changed everything at Chelsea over the past 10 months as we've all seen. However, despite spending a lot of time understanding and controlling the new team, Tuchel has yet to experience a culture that has shocked so many foreign coaches. It's an extreme marathon in December.

Chelsea will have to play up to 9 matches in the next 30 days. Thus, on average, the Blues will have to play 1 match every 3.3 days. Tuchel has done very well in short distances or a few big matches, but the problem of dividing energy to play 9 matches in 30 days is sure to make him a lot more gray.

Lukaku and his Chelsea teammates will be celebrating the victory right at Watford

Lukaku and his Chelsea teammates will be celebrating the victory right at Watford

Tuchel's journey to challenge his talent will begin with a match against Watford, an easy opponent. Watford made a strong impression when they rose to beat Man United 4-1, directly leading to the "death" of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, in the end, the victory over the Red Devils turned out to not say much. Watford immediately lost 2-4 against Leicester in the next match. It was a match where Claudio Ranieri's team let the opponent launch up to 20 shots. Today, the number of times the Watford goal is asked will certainly be much larger when Chelsea recently especially likes to finish. In the last 4 matches, The Blues have launched… 86 shots against 4 opponents Man United, Juventus, Leicester and Burnley. Thus, on average, Chelsea shoot 21.5 times per game. To imagine how terrible this number is,

Predicting a rushing attack of Chelsea was even clearer when Tuchel announced that he would rotate the squad. And most likely he will use 3 attacking players Romelu Lukaku, Mason Mount and Kai Havertz from the start. In this trio, Lukaku is the most awaited. The Belgian striker has just returned to the game after a month of treatment for an injury. Lukaku has been empty since round 5 until now, equivalent to 2 months without scoring a goal in the Premier League. This is an unacceptable achievement for a striker playing for the club that has scored the second most goals in the Premier League this season (31 goals). But the visitors have the right to hope in Lukaku when this striker is quite charming with Watford. The Belgian striker has left his footprint on at least one goal in 66.6% of the matches against Watford. Specifically, in the last 6 encounters with Watford, Lukaku has 3 goals and 2 assists. Hopefully he will take advantage of this charm to end the thirst for goals.

Although only won 1 of the last 3 Premier League matches, but looking at the way Chelsea played, it can be confirmed that the system that Tuchel built has absolutely no problems. So victory over Watford today is within reach of the Blues.

5 -  If we beat Watford today, Chelsea will increase the number of consecutive victories against this opponent to 5 matches, equal to the achievement 15 years ago. Chelsea's record of consecutive wins against Watford is 6 matches and it was 20 years ago. 

Notable statistics Watford vs Chelsea

There are more than 2 goals scored in the last 8 matches between Watford and Chelsea in all competitions.

Chelsea have won the last 7/8 matches against Watford in all competitions.

Chelsea have clean sheets in the last 4 away matches in the Premier League.

Chelsea have won the last 4 away matches in the English Premier League.

According to Asian rafters, Watford lost the last 6/9 matches and Chelsea won the last 7/11 matches.

At home, Watford lost the last 5/6 matches according to the Asian ratio.

Away, Chelsea only lost 2 of the last 10 matches according to the Asian ratio.

SPECIAL Explosive match:  All 8 recent confrontations between Chelsea and Watford have exploded. The Blues are also having a good scoring ability with 8 goals in the last 3 matches. This match is easy on talent.