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In addition to being at least 4 points more than the rest, Real Madrid also has a big advantage in the La Liga championship race this season, which is the 9th round match against Bilbao tonight. Therefore, they need to make good use of the opportunity to continue to consolidate the top position.

As is known, this match was supposed to be held in mid-October, but was postponed because some Real players could not return to the club in time from the 2022 World Cup qualifiers - South America. This is considered a good fortune for Real, because at that time the reception of Bilbao will be a big challenge.

Specifically, at that time, coach Carlo Ancelotti's team was in a period of instability in performance and physical decline. Even in the previous two matches, they both suffered humiliating defeats, against much weaker opponents, Sheriff in the Champions League and Espanyol in La Liga, both with a score of 1-2. 

But thanks to the postponed match against Bilbao and the suspension of the national leagues due to the previous FIFA schedule, Real had a very long break, thanks to which their stars regained their fitness and balance, as well as coach Ancelotti calmed down to make wise adjustments on tactics. 

Then, Real entered a period of strong competition, even sublimation. They are unbeaten in all 9 matches since then, with 8 wins and 1 draw. This impressive achievement not only helped Real win tickets to the Champions League group stage, but also rose to the top of La Liga after a long time being lost to the "rebel" Sociedad. 

In particular, Real Madrid has just defeated another big challenger in the journey back to the throne of Gaur this season, Sevilla last weekend (2-1). Thus, Real has eliminated both "rebels", when before Sociedad continuously fell and was falling down the rankings. 

Thus, the biggest challenge of Real now is only the old forces Atletico and Barca. However, both of these rivals are showing instability and are still losing ground. Atletico have just returned to second place in the table, but are still 4 points behind Real. Meanwhile, Barca has just won 2 consecutive rounds under coach Xavi's era, but is still in the middle of the table, with a gap of 10 points behind the top.

Thus, instead of being in a difficult situation if they met Bilbao a month and a half ago, Real will now enter the reception of the Basque club in the best possible condition. This is even the most sublime moment of Real since being led by coach Ancelotti. The recent victory over Sevilla was the White Vulture's sixth consecutive victory in all competitions - their best streak so far this season. 

And yet, the Bilbao in mid-October and the current Bilbao are also different, in the opposite direction from Real. Specifically, right before and after this match was postponed, Bilbao won, against Villarreal and Alaves. But now what? Coach Marcelino's teachers and students have just gone through 5 consecutive matches without winning.

In terms of force, Real is also more favorable than Bilbao. Contrary to the situation of having to patch up the squad in mid-October, coach Ancelotti is almost gathering the full force, at least he has all the important cards. Real's absence list only has 3 familiar soldiers, Dani Ceballos, Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale. On the contrary, on the side of Bilbao they had to march to the "death ground" of the Bernabeu with a series of losses in force, because of the suspension of Inigo Martinez as well as the injuries of Peru Nolaskoain, Yuri Berchiche, Dani Vivian and Asier Villalibre.

Therefore, it can be believed that Real will beat Bilbao to continue to break through in the La Liga championship race.

It has been 16 years, Bilbao has not won at the Bernabeu

The possibility of Real Madrid's victory tonight is too obvious, when Bilbao is still very afraid of playing at the Bernabeu Stadium (Di Stefano last season). Specifically, for the past 16 years, the Basque club still has not known the taste of victory when being a guest of Real in La Liga. The last time, Bilbao won at the Bernabeu was in February 2005. Since then, they suffered 14 defeats and 2 draws in 16 trips here.

Notable statistics Real Madrid vs Bilbao

Real Madrid won 3 of the last 10 confrontations according to Asia.

The last 18/21 confrontations at Real Madrid had goals in the first half.

The last 19/22 confrontations at Real Madrid had a total of 3 or more goals.

Real's last 6 matches had odd total goals.

Real Madrid lost the last 5/6 home matches according to Asia.

According to Asian rafters, Real won all of the past 3 consecutive matches.

According to Asian rafters, Bilbao lost all of the last 3 matches.

Only 1/10 of the last 10 matches between the two clubs had more than 1 goal in the first half, especially the last 4/6 matches had no goals.

SPECIAL No more than 2 goals: The last  6/9 matches between the two clubs have no more than 2 goals. All of Bilbao's last 9 away matches were tight and had similar results. The fact that Bilbao died in this match also made it difficult for the match to have many goals.